1. Artists’ Talks/Demos/Workshops:

We will bring in the artist(s) who are part of the exhibition in your space so the students/ community have an opportunity to discuss the art and the artistic process of the artist(s). If the opportunity is permitted, a demonstration of screen printing or other art technique could be shown to the students to get a hands on experience. These visits can take place at your school, park, library, or community centers or can also be done virtually via Face time, Skype, and other webcam services, directly from the artists’ studios.

2. Curator Talks:

Our Lead Curator Evan La Ruffa will examine the role of the curator with students/comm- unity members and discuss what the curator’s responsibility is to their cultural institutions, their audience and society. These visits will take place at schools where exhibitions have previously been installed and will emphasize a curatorial tour of the exhibition paired with a discussion.

3. The IPaintMyMind Community Art Guide:

This is a resource we’ve worked hard to create & curate which lays out a series of exercises that include, Creating Context, Reflections, Thoughts, and Critiques, Artistic Responses, and Student/Community Art Exhibitions, as well as additional resources for art educators including digital platforms and free art experiences. The IPaintMyMind Community Art Guide is a tool for educators & community leaders and will be given to them the day of the installation, this way they can connect their students/community with the exhibition in a more informed, comprehensive, and engaged way.

4. The Shared Walls™ by IPaintMyMind Facebook Engagement Group

This Facebook Group is for all partners (businesses & community spaces) of the Shared Walls™ Program (admin invite only). It allows partners to see how others are engaging with the exhibitions in their space and get ideas from one another as far as artistic responses, events, and overall engagement. It offers partners the opportunity to share their experience about being part of the program and what it did for their community.