Art print by Alexander Grahovsky

How Shared Walls Works for Artists

At IPaintMyMind, we are constantly growing our permanent art collection which we loan out through curated exhibitions to both private & public partners as part of our Shared Walls™ program.

Once we decide to interview an artist and feature their work for our website, we love to acquire those artists’ work to add to the IPMM Permanent Collection. Those pieces are then exhibited through the Shared Walls program.


The model for IPaintMyMind’s Shared Walls Program works as follows:

We purchase bundles of art from you (local artists), constantly growing a beautiful collection. We then lease art to private businesses to enhance their space at a fee, and use that revenue to help fund the FREE art exhibitions in community spaces citywide. This way the you earn real dollars on the front end, while IPMM accumulates an asset that perpetuates the program and our mission.

By mobilizing our art collection as a service for businesses, we’re able to provide FREE art exhibitions, curriculum, and programs to diverse communities everywhere.

It’s a “Win, win, win!’

In short, we’ve created a mutually beneficial model that drives our mission of making art accessible to all communities.

We Collect Your Art

1. We purchase your art for our collection. It will never be sold. We like to work out wholesale type deals, where we acquire at least 10, but sometimes upwards of 30 prints of your work. We love that we get to be not only the organization that spreads the word about your work, but your collector as well.

2. We place that art in exhibitions in a local business or community space (school, park, library, community center). When we loan it to a company (office spaces or retail spaces), they pay us, when we loan it to a community space, they get it for FREE! This art is able to rotate to various locations, serving as a calling card your your artwork but also providing art exhibitions to diverse communities for years to come.

In each location we post a plaque with information about you & your work.

To give you an idea of the ratio, for every art exhibition we loan a private business, we put 3-4 FREE art exhibitions in local public schools, libraries, parks, or youth centers. As a nonprofit, the majority of those funds go right back into our programs – buying more art & frames, while building out more engagement opportunities for our community partners, like curator talks, artist, talks, workshops, and Skype studio visits.

We’re happy to collect your work create a cash infusion for you, while sustainably funding art exhibitions and experiences in the places that need them the most.

Art prints by Adam Shortlidge at ZS Associates in Evanston, IL

Art prints by Sonnenzimmer at Adidas Originals

IPMM Founder Evan La Ruffa with Principal Manda Lukic at Beard Elementary School, artwork by Dolan Geiman

Get Started

1. Send us a zip file of images of every piece you have available as an art print.

2. We’ll pitch your work to potential clients (office or retail spaces) and partners (schools, parks, libraries, youth centers), then come back to you to purchase a collection of pieces as soon as we have a project ready to go.

IPMM Drop Ship System

When we curate your work into a private exhibitions, say at a local company downtown, we make each limited edition print available for purchase as well.  In this way, we help put your art in front of more potential buyers, and are able to pass orders along via a Drop Ship system.

The IPMM Drop Ship system works like this:

  • The buyer contacts us about purchasing one of your prints
  • We invoice the buyer and collect payment.
  • We pass the order to you.
  • You fulfill the order and contact the buyer within 3 days.
  • We pay you out monthly for the sales you’ve generated – you keep 60% of each sale, and we also pass along the shipping charges (paid by the buyer) to you to cover that expense as well.

Artist Earnings

By purchasing of bundles of your work, either with full payments up front or payment plans over a few months, we’re honored to collect your work and get you a nice check at the same time! In addition to those earnings, the IPMM Drop Ship System sees you keep 60% of purchase price for print sales made through our Shared Walls™ program. This way the art we have purchased for our collection has the potential to earn you more money as we loan it out over and over again!

Also, keep us up to date on new work you have available, any sales you might have, or opportunities to purchase subscriptions. We always love buying in bulk or buying when a sale would be helpful!

Good Will Statement

We take pride in having built a model that pays artists first. We are also dedicated to good will, mutually beneficial transactions, and making sure our interactions always feels right for the artists we work with. We want to build a relationship with you, which means valuing your time and work with our hard-earned dollars.

We are absolute about making sure we work diligently to resolve any disputes, disagreements, or questions about our purchasing and dissemination of your art. Without you, none of this would be possible, and we’re proud of & insistent upon maintaining fun and productive relationships with all the artists we work with.

Thank you for making the art you make and for being agreeable to that same spirit of positive cooperation.