The Refreshing Sounds of Father John Misty

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“I Love You, Honeybear,” Josh Tillman’s second LP under the moniker Father John Misty, is refreshing like a 50˚ day after a long hard winter. Tillman’s sound isn’t new; in fact, like the stories it tells, it’s something old, something borrowed and at times blue. This autobiographical tell-all about life as we know it nails the folk sentiment of the Millennial generation. It’s called Folk because it’s the music of the people. This voice is loud and clear and not likely going away anytime soon.

“I Love You, Honeybear” knows a thing or two about love, loss, the grey skies of reality, and yesteryears filled with spring showers. In fact, Tillman’s sound rumbles and roars like an April sky. His slightly Dylanesque rhythms and rhymes in songs like “Holy Shit” draw you in. Once there, you’re injected with a spirited sound reminiscent of The Doors in songs like “The Ideal Husband.”

Tillman’s lyrics, like the title of his alter-ego are ironic; his beats are bold yet old fashioned. The combination of his lyrics, gravelly voice, and dare-you-not-to-dance beat, offers up a memory. You’re just not certain if the memory is yours.

The Father John Misty sound isn’t just folk fused psychedelic rock; it’s the sweat of soul, funk and jazz copulating to a Buddy Holly tune.

Like most music today “I Love You, Honeybear” tries to be many things; it’s a post-post-modern mash-up of what I imagine to be the influences of The Man Behind The Music. Somehow Tillman pulls it off.

Whether his sounds have you swaying, crooning, laughing or fondling the tender truths of empathy, “I love you, Honey Bear” is guaranteed to refresh. In his second spring, Father John Misty’s new LP feels like a refreshing glass of Kool-Aid on a hot summer day – and just so we’re clear, Father John Misty’s Kool-Aid is worth drinkin’.

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Father John Misty

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