PHOTO REVIEW: Far From Home by Steve Ewert @ IPaintMyMind Gallery

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Thanks to everyone who came out for the opening reception of Far From Home, by Steve Ewert. We were happy to present the show with a foreword by Steve himself, which is on display through the end of the show. It cemented the narrative, so that everyone who saw the show understood the trajectory. Steve was asked by his friend, Dick, if he wanted to go to Europe & Africa with him, since he was off to write a few articles for publication in America. Steve went with, and what ensued is one of the craziest stories you’ve ever heard. Kansas to the East Coast, to Europe, to Ghana, and across the Sahara Desert.

Featuring mostly black and white photography, with photos of Africa dominating the selections, as this duo encountered towns, communities, people, and situations, that tested them in every way imaginable.

Steve is humble, but these photos are stunning. The contrast, the perspectives, the moments captured. The success of a shot is a mix of┬átechnology & the taker, and Steve’s shots made me rank the taker as so much more important than what machine you’re using.

The show runs through December 6th, all prints are for sale, & are $125 unframed, $200 framed.

A series of these would be incredible.

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