IPMM Audio Series: Episode 4 – Sean Doe : Not A Mixtape!

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IPaintMyMind DJ Series – Episode 4: DJ Sean Doe – Not A Mixtape by Ipaintmymind on Mixcloud

We are proud to announce the 4th episode in the IPMM DJ Series. We’ve been lucky to attract some great people/musicians to be part of the DJ Series and we don’t plan on stopping that trend. We’ve got a few beautiful people from the West Coast comin’ up soon, but this time, we’re keeping it local. DJ Sean Doe is a Chicago cat I met while hangin’ out at Rotofugi. ¬†We exchanged info and linked up, and I’m stoked he decided to join us.

Download it by clicking HERE, or by clicking on the tracklisting. As always, in the artists words:

Sean Doe: “This is not a mixtape !!!! LOL This was me messing with a friends turntables with no monitor ….. very gritty as far as sound and levels. I didnt want to erase it….. so I figured it was better in Evans’ hands. It’s better in your ears than a sound memory for me. It’s great music out there, but it is up to you to find and support it!


Sean Doe ( is ……. ” The Gooch” )


The Inside by 14kt
Diamond Eyes by aDaD ( mixtape ish )
Another World by The Creators feat Black Star
The Dark Ages feat Murs by Mighty Joseph
???? by Legacy
Mayor by Pac Div
Sorry I’ve Cum inst. by Fuzz Face
Broken inst. by House Shoes
Broken by Proof feat. Journalist & Mu
Cookin’ by Miz Korona
Krylon Kraft by Kaimbr
Break Free the Illid the Oddessy by Ang 1
Stress inst. by J Dilla
Stress by Guilty Simpson
Sour Times by Portishead
Oowee by J-Live ( prod. by Kenny Keys )
To Serve with Love by Black Spade

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