IPMM Audio Series: Episode 8 – DJ Bozak Sketches In Sound Vol. 3

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IPMM Audio Series 08 FINAL Bozak

IPaintMyMind DJ Series: Episode 8 – DJ Bozak Sketches in Sound Vol. 3

We connected with DJ Bozak through our guy DJ Limbs (more news on Limbs’ and IPMM soon) and it was all love.  His contributionn in this instance is ill. It’s clear his sensibilities are wide-ranging, truly creating an environment that facilitates trajectory for the duration of the mix. The effortlessness of the transitions and the scope of Bozak’s ear make for an amazing collection of sounds, which most definitely feel like sketches, if not in-depth narrative audio portraits. Peaks and valleys wander then collide…needless to say, we’re confident you’re gonna enjoy the newest installment of the IPMM DJ Series – stream it or DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE!

DJ Bozak kills it for over an hour…don’t miss out.

IPaintMyMind DJ Series: Episode 8 – DJ Bozak’s Sketches In Sound Vol. 3 by Ipaintmymind on Mixcloud

Here’s DJ Bozak’s Bio:  “DJ Bozak (Adam Boskey), is a San Francisco based DJ/ producer originally from Champaign, Illinois. He was brought up in a household where hearing Parliament, Silver Apples, and Tom Tom Club records during dinner was commonplace. This set him up to be bitten by the Hip-Hop bug in subsequent years as those familiar dinner-time sounds were given new life thanks to producers like Marley Marl and Pete Rock. Buying his first set of tables in 96, Bozak quickly rose through the local DJ battle ranks to find much success. By ’98 he had begun to focus on bringing obscure indie Hip-Hop to the radio-waves of downstate Illinois and created the now legendary “Needledrops” radio show on WEFT 90.1fm. As the mix-show got more popular the offers for DJ gigs rolled in and in short time Bozak became a full-time DJ performing across the states and beyond. During this time DJ Bozak began working on the Sketches in Sound mixtape series where he gave himself time and freedom to create hyper-involved multi-tracked mixtapes in effort to test what he could do with the mixtape format. While mixes such as these can be done with software quite easily today, his attempts to work in this manor at a time when it was most laborious shows his dedication to the craft.”

Bozak is on: Facebook & Myspace

As always, a word from our guest DJ:

IPMM DJ Series: Episode 8 – DJ Bozak’s Sketches In Sound Vol. 3,  is an introspective experience that explores those moments where the music castes a magical spell over me and incites a detachment from my surroundings. Or a new idea. Or a screw face. Or a forgotten memory coming back into view. I have fond memories of aimlessly driving around at 4am by myself listening to songs similar to those found on this mix. Just zoning out. I hope this makes you zone out as well.”


Miles Davis – Sssh…Peaceful (Intro Snippet)
Mounte Kimbie – William
JTodd – AAAA
Mantronix – Needle to the Groove
00Genesis – Broken Gameboy_2
Dr. Who Dat? – Vibraian Twilight Part 2
John Robinson – Under My Skull (Instrumental)
Dizz1 – Konotakosuke Yaro
Thriller (Actress) – BBQ
Quiet Villiage – Forbidden Voices
K15 & Spinnerty – Just Listen 2 (Instrumental)
Frank ‘N’ Dank – Pimp Strut
Sound Murderer – 9b
Dillinja – Crunch
Zwischenwelt – Shadow Being
The Dining Romms – Chorus of Flames
Some Freak, Andreya Triana, & Ritornell – The Light (Dorian Concept Remix)
Physical Sound Sport – Nigeria Game
Roy Ayers – Chicago
Herbie Hancock – Chameleon
Miles Davis – Sssh…Peaceful
Junior Kimbrough – Work Me Baby
Lukid – Chord
Mikey Dread – WWIII
Burial & 4Tet (Just the Intro)
Galaxy II Galaxy – Journey of the Dragons
Miles Davis – Sssh…Peaceful (Outro Snippet)

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