IPMM Audio Episode 20 – Scantron: Kitty Works Nights

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IPMM Audio Series 20 FINAL Kittights

IPaintMyMind DJ Series:

Episode 20 – Scantron: Kitty Works Nights

The IPMM DJ Series rolls on with it’s 20th episode, and as always, we keep it moving in various directions.  There’s too much good music out there to be confined to a genre, which is why radio sucks, and why you don’t listen to it anymore.  Remember, you can always download the IPMM DJ Series for FREE and add it to your Ipod, as well as stream it online on our Facebook Page, DJ Series Page, or on our Mixcloud Profile.  We rap up 2011 with this last mix, but we’ll have another for you once the new year presents itself.

This is our holiday gift to YOU. Much love to Scantron and Kitty for the hookup.



As always a blurb from the DJ about the mix:

“Raise your hand if you’re a kitten {hand raised}. I am totes a kitten, born and getting raised in a small old musky apartment in Chicago. Make no mistake, I am no small fry. Let me give you the deets + inspiration + fun facts behind this mix.

My roommate/stepdad Scantron is a record collector of the best:: Chicago house, Italio, and disco. On the evening of Black Friday, we had a GNI (it means Guys’ Night In). After Scantron wiped my face (I have weepy eyes, they get runny but it’s not a big deal, okay?) …I started talking about how I wanted to go back to the store to exchange my fancy pants for some crazy ones.  Scantron said he would drive me to the mall early the next day, but only if I would help him on putting together a mix.

So I went through his records, picked all the ones that I heart, and now you are about to listen to the result. Dizzzamn. HoooOOOlllaaa… Can you handle it??? Once I get neutered I won’t talk like this anymore. Sad face.


P.S. My current obsession is the bread pudding from Campagnola : Evanston’s Neighborhood Italian Restaurant”


  •  Rock It – Tony Cook & The Party People
  •  Angel Eyes – Lime
  •  A Path – Fingers Inc.
  •  Thousand Finger Man – Candido
  •  Rockin Down The House – Adonis
  •  Love Can’t Turn Around – Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk
  •  Acid Thunder (Smooth Thunder) – Fast Eddie
  •  151(Original Mix) – Armando
  •  Moody – ESG
  •  Supernature – Cerrone
  •  House Nation – The House Master Boyz
  •  It’s House – Chip E
  •  Waiting On My Angel – Jaime Principle
  •  Letmebeyourradio – Red Dragon Band
  •  This Is Acid – Maurice
  •  Chase – Giorgio Moroder
  •  French Kiss(The Original) – Lil Louis
  •  Time To Jack – Chip E
  •  Bostich(N’est-Ce Pas) – Yello
  •  Fantasy – Z Factor
  •  I’m A Indian Too – Don Armando
  •  Video Clash – Lil Louis
  •  Tequila(original extended version) – Bo Boss
  •  I Need Love – Capricion
  •  Your Love – Frankie Knuckles Ft Jaime Principle
  •  Farley Farley – Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk
  •  Feel The Drive – Doctor’s Cat
  •  Pop Goes My Love(Extended) – Freeez
  •  The Mexican – Babe Ruth
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