IPMM Audio Series: Episode 17 – Vin’s Da Cuero

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IPMM Audio Series 17 FINAL VIns Da Cuero

IPaintMyMind DJ Series:

Episode 17 – Vin’s Da Cuero

We found Vincent during a random online reconnaissance mission, and from past experience, French producers, beat makers, and emcees have generally impressed us as far as contributions form the underground, and ingenuity in production. In that vein, we welcome French producer, Vin’s Da Cuero for Episode 17 of the IPaintMyMind DJ Series. He’s provided more insight into the French HipHop scene, while integrating that with some material those of us stateside might have more context for. As far as a collection, we think it’s one of the more apt mixes created for the series so far, in that it represents the same balance we try to provide at IPMM; an alchemy of the things you already love, hopefully leading you to new artists & musicians you’ll enjoy for years to come. Thanks for joining us… this one, as with every one before it, is true quality.


As always, in their own words:

“Hip Hop is not about old school vs new school, commercial vs underground, majors vs independents… It’s all about vibes. In this mix, I choose to put the best tracks I heard the last 12 months. You’ll find some old school rappers kicking new school sounds, new comers doing old school stuffs, French independent artists, US rappers signed on huge major labels… I hope you guys will enjoy it, and don’t forget, at the end it’s all about what YOU feel, not about what people want you to like.” — Vin’S da Cuero

Track List:

01 BlameOne – Chemistry (US)

02 The Electric feat. Yarah Bravo – Beautiful (UK)

03 Atmosphere – Millennium (US)

04 Kohndo – Mon Ghetto (France)

05 Supafuh feat. Eternia – Time Is Now (France)

06 Elzhi – It Ain’t Hard To Tell (US)

07 Tyler, The Creator feat. Frank Ocean – She (US)

08 Kanye West feat. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver – Monster (US)

09 The Beastie Boys – OK (US)

10 La Fine Équipe feat. oOgo – Okin (France)

11 Saneyes – Ce Grand Méchant Vous (France)

12 Fisto feat. Raashan Ahmad – Friend Request (France)

13 Dela feat. Blu – Lucy’s&LooseLeafs (France)

14 Vin’S da Cuero – Blue Feet (France)

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