IPMM Audio Series: Episode 15 – “Give It Up” by DJ Jean Shorts

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IPMM Audio Series 15 FINAL Jean Shorts

IPaintMyMind DJ Series: Episode 15 – “Give It Up” by DJ Jean Shorts

We love constantly pushing the envelope as far as including new sounds, and new DJ’s with varying ranges of tastes and abilities. If you pay attention to IPMM at all, you know we make a conscious effort to highlight as broad a range of art and music as we can, and this DJ Series Episode embodies that spirit.  Whether friends of friends, or intelligent and dynamic people we admire from afar, we’re really happy about where the IPaintMyMind DJ Series is headed…and the track listing on this bad boy might make you sit a little lower…

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IPaintMyMind DJ Series: Episode 15 – “Give It Up” by DJ Jean Shorts by Ipaintmymind on Mixcloud

As always, in their own words:

“My long-time buddy Brian Flannery directed me towards IPaintMyMind as a way to further spread the sounds of Jean Shorts. Of course these sounds are not ‘mine’ but collected and organized around each other for smooth disco energy flights and dives. ‘Give It Up’ is a chuggy, positive sub-marine cruise ship. Disco Porn from the bottom of Reverb Ocean, with Phil Collins greeting you when we come to the surface for a minute, just to ‘Check In’.  “We’re Good, dolphins are swimming with us.

Some of my other mixes have been made to simulate my ‘Club’ sets. This mix is more of warm glitter bubble bath, but heavy in the right places so we are still feeling it deep.”

– DJ Jean Shorts

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A Tribute to Barry White – Disco Duff

Impressionable – Star Slinger

The Swinging CoEds – In Flangranti

Try,Try – Glossy Edits

I’m Not Moving (Idjut Bots Edits) – Phil Collins

What Is Love – Deee Lite

Zombie Tropicana -Hannulelauri

System – Linkwood

For The Love Of The Money – Disco Dub Band

Gothenergy (Revenge Remix ) – KZA

‘Lectric Love – The Destroyers

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