IPMM Audio Series: Episode 13 – Zirafa (Tunnel Vision)

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IPMM Audio Series 13 FINAL Zirafa

IPaintMyMind DJ Series: Episode 13 – Zirafa (Tunnel Vision)

IPaintMyMind DJ Series: Episode 13 – Zirafa (Tunnel Vision) by Ipaintmymind on Mixcloud

On the flight to Los Angeles this morning, our latest DJ Series Episode was inhaled in its entirety, and to say we’re pleased would be a drastic understatement.  Zirafa has put together perhaps the most eclectic playlist we’ve had at the DJ Series to date, incorporating IPMM favorites like Miles Davis, Autechre, Erykah Badu, Squarepusher, J Dilla, Aphex Twin and Brian Eno.  We were also clued in to new stuff we now love, namely Ian Hawgood and Avalanches.

And honestly, the best part about running a website like this, is interacting with so many great, creative people, with whom IPMM can both celebrate with and learn from. The confluence of commonality and learning is something we hope you all get from what we’re doing here at IPMM. Many thanks to Zirafa for bumpin’ some good shit, and expanding our horizons.

– Evan La Ruffa : Founder/Creative Director/Editor-In-Chief – IPAINTMYMIND


Zirafa is a drummer, composer, engineer and producer interested in exploring the boundary between the familiar and the unknown. Combining a love of the drums and piano with an affinity for electronics and ambient sounds, he’s constantly trying to figure out how to balance contradictions and push forward to bring disparate things together. Along those lines he helps run Soapbox Music, a recording studio and collective that aims to bring musicians together to share ideas, resources and opportunities in order to build a supportive and creative community in Chicago.  He’s been composing songs since childhood and has played in many bands over the years including Black Tie Elephant (jazz-punk), Orange Drink (indie/dance/experimental), Animate Objects (hip-hop), Swoon Method (rock), and has a new live project in the works. When he isn’t working on music, you can usually find him in his workshop building something or searching for the best banh mi sandwich in town.



Milonga del Angel – Astor Piazzolla
Pirouette of Cotton (zirafa edit) – Ian Hawgood
Little Church – Miles Davis
Incense – Erykah Badu
Port Rhombus – Squarepusher
Buzz – Ben Allison
One More Night – Can
Tilt – Thomas Brinkmann
Altibzz – Autechre
Circles – Alf Alpha
Amanallah – Mike Slott
Lastdear – Siriusmo
Seoul I – Ian Hawgood
Get Thy Bearings – Donovan
Mi Viejo – Ratatat
Bbydhonchord – Aphex Twin
Disconnection Notice – Sonic Youth
Dime Piece ft. Dwele (remix) – J Dilla
Tonight – Avalanches
Through Fields of Mercury – Greenleaf
Driving Me Backwards – Brian Eno
Before I Let the Sunshine Rot – Ian Hawgood

And as always, in their own words:

“For this mix I wanted to focus on songs that had a restless night feel – the kind of determined insomnia you get when you’ve been driving for 10 hours straight on I-70 and all you see through the darkness is the faint outline of the road just beyond the glow of your high beams. There are no exit signs or rest stops for miles and your thoughts start collapsing in on themselves, in an almost meditative (albeit overly caffeinated) waking dream state.  I tried to evoke this feeling through ambient/drone tracks, field recordings, and songs with electric/dusty undertones.  Because much of the music already has a smooth texture, I opted to try and use rougher transitions and simple cross fades to highlight the individual nature of each piece.  Much of the music is subtle and hangs in the air; the mix will work as background music while you are busy working, or you can just close your eyes and let your mind wander as you listen.  In both scenarios the idea is to let the sounds massage your subconscious so you lose track of time and space.

I first heard about I Paint My Mind from DJ Limbs who I’ve known since our college days in Urbana.  When he and Evan (of IPMM) approached me about the possibility of working on a mix for the DJ series, I was honored because I really respect what both Limbs and Evan are doing. I am lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing and talented DJs, and because of this I was a bit intimidated. I consider myself a composer and producer first, so to try and arrange a DJ mix really flipped things for me. Thanks to IPMM and DJ Limbs for giving me the opportunity to do this! It’s my first attempt at a mix and I hope you enjoy it.”

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