IPMM Audio Series: Episode 12 – Huunter

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IPMM Audio Series 12 FINAL Huunter

IPaintMyMind DJ Series: Episode 12 – Huunter

IPMM is proud to connect with various DJ’s and music producers via the IPMM DJ Series, and this episode is no exception.  We found Lloyd Burne aka Huunter throughout our interneting explorations, then featured his electronic gems on IPMM, and are now happy to introduce what he created especially for our mix series.  It’s what you might expect from this sonic craftsman – textured and radiating, just like the musicians he’s chosen to highlight for you in this episode of the IPaintMyMind DJ Series. We’ll go ahead and shut our trap. Press Play, download it, and most of all, share it with your amigos.

Best, IPMM

IPaintMyMind DJ Series: Episode 12 – Huunter by Ipaintmymind on Mixcloud

“Although at heart I’m a rock fan these are some awesome electronic tracks that have inspired me at various times and in various ways over the years. Trentemøller’s new album “Into The Great Wide Yonder” really starts off with a bang and I though it would be a perfect way to set the mood of the DJ set. The second track by Venetian Snares starts off with, I think, the saddest note I have ever heard. I also love the track because it combines jazz, drum N bass and classical orchestrations. I thought the beautiful ambience of Ulrich Schnauss would be a much needed respite from the first two tracks. I just couldn’t do a DJ set of my favorite/inspirational artists without including Aphex Twin. Although Girl/Boy is kinda the go to track on this album I have always loved 4 a lot more. The 5th track is BT who for one album made some pretty spectacular music. “This Binary Universe” was a huge inspiration to my early work and I knew I had to include it. The videos that Scott Pagano did for some of the tracks on the album are amazing too check them out. Trentemøller made a name for himself with a couple of dance tracks from the early noughties but what got me into his music was his ability to create some of the best atmospheres I have ever heard on his debut album “The Last Resort”. I had to put another Venetian Snares track on there since he has been that influential to me. This is by far my favorite track of his. Finally I closed the DJ set with One and The Same by Rob Dougan. I absolutely would not be making the music I make today if it weren’t for Rob Dougan’s album “Furious Angels” its an absolute must buy.

I found I Paint My Mind a while back from reading an interview with Omar from The Mars Volta. They were kind enough to give my album a listen and review and since then I have really just become a fan of their site. It does an amazing job of covering so many genres, mediums, and artistic groups. I’m really excited to see where the site goes in the years to come not to mention get be a part of this site. Thanks to Evan for getting all this together!”

Trentemøller – The Mash and The Fury
Venetian Snares – My Half
Ulrich Schnauss – Monday – Paracetamol
Aphex Twin – 4
BT – The Internal Locus
Trentemøller – Snowflake (Live Version)
Venetian Snares – Kétsarkú Mozgalom
Rob Dougan – One And The Same

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