IPaintMyMind Audio Series: Episode 36 – DJ Mertz

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Brian Mertz has been a long-time supporter of IPaintMyMind, and the feeling is mutual. In fact, it’s precisely these types of relationships with great artists & musicians that fuels our efforts to make art accessible to everyone. Brian is the intelligent, creative, constant-learner that is emblematic of the IPMM community, and we’re thrilled to re-include him in our audio series.

His first contribution was years ago, so we figured it was more than time to loop back in and dig up some dirty. This time DJ Mertz hits us with a footwork mix that will keep your bpm’s up and ignite whatever it is you’re cranking on.

Here’s to talented audio curators like Brian – the world needs perspective like his, and this mix provides it.


IPaintMyMind Audio Series: Episode 36 – DJ Mertz by Ipaintmymind on Mixcloud

As always, in their own words:

“This mix came together around the time that the national news stations started showing a militarized police force facing off against protestors in Ferguson, MO. Even at this point I’m not sure of the full depth of my feelings, but the images on the television of police guns drawn on innocent protestors in an American town really hit a nerve in a way that other moments of disillusionment in recent years had not. 

So after watching the news for a while, I did what I often do when I want to forget my troubles — I started playing around on my turntables. I decided to mix some footwork records. The whole footwork genre still remains just difficult enough for me to mix that I have to focus on my technique, but the tracks are still so much fun to play. In essence, it’s the perfect style to mix when you want to turn off your mind and just focus on something happy.

What I found though was that even as I played some of my most “party time” footwork tracks, I couldn’t stop thinking about Ferguson. So instead of trying to shut out the news, I invited the problems in Ferguson in to my thoughts while I picked the next tracks to play. After a while, putting this shift of vibe into a recorded mix for IPMM just seemed like a good idea. So the next day I put together a tracklist, and then added in some relevant spoken word samples. The mix is structured as dance-y stuff for the first 30 minutes, before giving up on the party and turning to darker and more chaotic themes, before some calm is found at the end.”

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