IPaintMyMind Audio Series: Episode 35 – DJ Brendan’s Shirtless Sunday

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We’re super excited to have our boy DJ Brendan from Mexico City providing the next episode of the IPaintMyMind Audio Series. With the 35th installment here for your ears, it’s awesome to see how much music we’ve been able to bring together by such a wide range of talented musical minds. Enjoy it!

As always, in their own words:

“When summertime hits hard in April, what better way to spend a Mexico City Sunday than hanging with my Soulimbo compadre DJ Yodex, looking to catch a breeze in the studio while digging through the collection. We kick it of with some down home soul, and with the notion of comin home in mind, what better than a Mexican cover of the Chicago classic Soulful Strut to follow. We threw in a few more stateside groovers and then on south of the border, primarily Mexican with a few Colombian tracks thrown in to heat up the descarga. Mostly avoiding the cover versions, we have some nice original tracks by better and lesser known groups at their grooviest.

Whether or not you have windows open and shirts off, enjoy on a Sunday afternoon with a cold Tecate or a warm-me-up mezcal. If you like what you hear, check out Soulimbo every tuesday night at 10pm central at wmwmwm.net , an eclectic mix of Mexico City crate digging gems, from Mexican oddities to soul, funk and disco classics to heavy Latin rhythms of all sorts, plus some new releases that keep that vibe current.”

DOWNLOAD IT HERE or stream it below.

IPaintMyMind Audio Series: Episode 35 – DJ Brendan by Ipaintmymind on Mixcloud

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