IPaintMyMind Audio Series: Episode 32 – Sev Seveer’s Doodle Mix

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Sev Seveer is the latest to bestow the IPaintMyMind Audio Series with a mellow mix for productive souls. Sev knows what’s up when it comes to HipHop and House for sure, but this time he’s provided some bossa nova, African Diaspora stuff along the lines of the venerable Ebo Taylor, and even included an intro by previous audio series contributor, AMS. This mix is perfect for letting your mind wander, or for a chill background to a day of work. We pressed him for a track list, but alas, rare tracks, a kaoss pad and random records became the assemblage.

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As always, in their own words:

“As The goal of this mix is for you to tour the right side of my brain. This recording is what it sounds like in my head as I am digging records, vibing out, and letting my mind run wild with ideas. When I sit in my workspace and dim the lights, torch a candle, turn the machines on and run through the crates in the process of making a beat, I rarely hear the records in a linear fashion— I make a mess. Record sleeves everywhere, covers stacked up, inserts out as I read them—it’s a blur. Every record I play stays present in my mental random-access-memory, until the point where I play so many that I’ve assembled a collage of music in my head. During this time I also hear lasers, delays, reverbs – call it the sound of a working neuro-zip drive if you will—as well as voices and ideas from past, present and future. This mix is the translated made-for-ears version!

In a “doodle” I typically use my Kaoss Pad heavily and emphasize a dub-style; the main goal being to present raw content with minimal to no post-production.

This collage is African Diaspora via sound waves. You’ll hear some well knowns, Ebo Taylor, ROB, etc…and then some rarer selections as well. Also, I couldn’t be without some of my favorite Fela Kuti jams. From there I followed the culture to Brazil with some Antônio Jobim recordings and a few other bossa nova records I was really feeling. And then from there I dug northwest for some dub selections.

Thanks so much for listening! Mellow out and enjoy!”

IPaintMyMind Audio Series: Episode 32 – Sev Seveer’s Doodle Mix by Ipaintmymind on Mixcloud

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