IPMM Audio Series: Episode 3 – Prepschool

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IPMM DJ Series: Episode 3 – Prepschool

IPMM is excited to see the DJ Series move forward with some friends of hours killin’ it. Dave, Matts and Jimi from the Prepschool crew kept it tight with our latest episode and a short journey through some must-play hip hop.  As always, we make way for the artist to describe the mix in their own words. Don’t forget to check out Prepschool on Myspace. With that said…Download it.

IPaintMyMind DJ Series: Episode 3 – Prepschool by Ipaintmymind on Mixcloud

Dave, of Prepschool: “We ran into Evan from IPMM at a mutual friends clothing store around the Prepschool studio (Novem Studios) a couple months back and he told us about his online magazine he had been really getting into lately.  I strolled over to the site a couple hours later and was super excited to see another friend from the past wholeheartedly devoting themselves to what they believed in.  From first glance IPMM stands out from the rest of the blogosphere, covering creativity and passions from all spectrums of the art world.  No hipster drama gets discussed here, no overhyped underproduced artists get reviewed.  In fact, I have not seen one grain of negativity fall through the sifter of I Paint My Minds wide variety of topics. This is uncommon… and I am way into it.  After coming over to the lab and hanging with the crew Evan asked if we wanted to participate in the IPMM DJ series, we were happy to oblige.  Sitting down to pick out tracks I got to thinking how funny it was that people from my past kept popping back up lately, all with new creative projects that I have been genuinely impressed with.  Every track on this mix has inspired me in one way or another since I first popped it in the deck… back in highschool when a buddy of mine handed me the Black Star album I remember putting Astronomy on repeat just so I could hear Hi-Teks intro cuts over again… I am pretty sure that I had a Hiero cd in my car for about three years straight jamming “At The Helm” on the way to work dreaming about djing before I had ever even played a show… there is a similar tale for every song.  I wanted to do justice to the tracks that I have held on such a pedestal for the majority of my musical life so many of the tracks are slammed up against others that I admire, creating a new soundscape and hopefully adding to the creative waterfall.  In some places I straight took the song and chopped it up on the fly to see what I could do with the songs that got me into production and djing now that I have capable hands.  After everything was laced up me and Matts threw down some cuts and now its yours.  I hope that this little mini mix some how helps whoever ends up grabbing it do what they do… cause these songs are why I do what I do.”

Peace – Dave & The whole Prepschool crew


J-5 – whats golden intro cuts

Prefuse 73 – secret track number 2

Hiero – At the Helm

Gza –  Shadow Boxing f Method Man

Fugees / Beasties – Prepschool reflip

Dangermouse – Dec 4th

Big L – Put it On

Black Rob – Whoa / Aphex Twin boy girl song  Prepschool mashup

Atmosphere – Gods Bathroom floor

Dj Shadow –  Best foot forward

Flaming Lips – yoshimi battles the robots

Flaming Lips / eDIT aww naww Prepschool reflip

eDIT – Dex

Dabrye – hyped up plus tax

Dj Dstyles phantazmagoria exerpt

Buju – walk like a champion over  common beat Naj & Dr. Huxtable mashup ( from my first mixtape haha)

Jedi Mind Tricks – Saviorself

Outkast –  ATLiens ( the first song i ever put in the tape deck of my big ass black cadillac i still drive)

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