Art in the Doctor’s Office Can Heal & Uplift

April 20th, 2018 Posted by Featured, Workplace Solutions No Comment yet

The mere thought of going to the doctor is enough to cause anxiety. Being inside a doctor’s office carries the threat of unavoidable discomfort, disrobing, awkward conversations, and pain. A stressed outpatient can complicate the delivery of quality medical care. Therefore, eliminating as much of this anxiety as possible should be a goal of every medical office.

What’s more, there are way too many medical facilities that either don’t have art, or just have something bland that doesn’t engage, excite, or support. At IPaintMyMind, we love working with clients like these, because our access to over 1,000 pieces of art becomes an incredible resource to draw from to make each space come to life in a unique way.

That said, there is plenty of data to back up the thought that pleasant spaces facilitate recovery. Studies found that looking at nature and landscape art significantly reduced patients’ anxiety and even increased their tolerance for pain. Such remedies shorten the length of hospital stays, increase the effectiveness of medications, and even cut medical costs.

A doctor’s office curated with art can also evoke a level of confidence in the doctor’s abilities that is often overlooked. Imagine your new doctor has a dirty waiting room with worn-out chairs, snarled magazines, countertop clutter, and peeling wallpaper. You can imagine yourself quickly losing enthusiasm for that particular day of medical care.

Art in a doctor’s office can have a positive effect on everyone present, including staff. The colors around us affect our moods. Medical professionals working in a comfortable office environment with visually appealing art curated on nice, clean walls can encourage better service, nicer attitudes, and creative solutions to patient issues.

Art’s proven ability to bring out the best in people make it a natural amenity to include in doctors’ offices. An appealing piece of art can not only soothe, but take a patient’s mind, if temporarily, off their particular plight.

Medical office designers everywhere should become believers in the art of healing!

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