Tyler Whitlock Brings Society Into Focus Through Oils, Acrylics and Art Prints

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Whether hypocrisy, religion, power, love, or despair, Tyler Whitlock finds a textured way to represent the narrative, and we’re so glad he does.

When artists’ that are this great send us their work, we’re reminded of the incredible fruits an open submission process can bear (so artists, keep sending us your work!) But, I digress, because the point here is the quality of the pieces Tyler creates in a variety of mediums. Working in oils, acrylics, spray paint & screenprints, Tyler is able to bring most any idea to life.

In his oil paintings one can see political topics addressed, not so much as undertones, but as outright commentary.

Whether the cesspool that is politics or the issues we’re having with the very people who are meant to keep us safe, Tyler proves that art is an outlet for social questions & critiques. In the piece below, he shows what it feels like to be an American with a conscience and some sense of the notion that to be involved is to be driven mad.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 12.50.07 PM

More than being confined by a specific technique or medium, what Tyler Whitlock does exceptionally well is evoke an emotion. What’s more, it’s clear he’s related to that emotion personally and is happy to serve it up, a la carte.

For as much as we can appreciate something that merely looks beautiful, we highly value artists that aren’t afraid to reflect a truth they feel strongly. We all have perspective about the things going on around us, and the last person that should hold back is an artist.

Tyler has exhibited in New York, Cleveland, North Carolina, and Hong Kong, and says that although he is primarily a painter, ‘my work often incorporates sketch, collage, and printing techniques for added layers, textures, and results.’

We’re excited to have connected his work and look forward to what Tyler Whitlock comes up with next.

Tyler Whitlock

Tyler Whitlock

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