Between Photography, Design & Inviting Shadows Lies Recognize Duplexity

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At IPMM, we tend to like art that is perhaps a little cloudy, a bit opaque. It’s as if the suggestions in the shadows allows more room for thought, something that surely can be said of what we’ve seen from Recognize Duplexity or ReDu, a photography and design duo based in Chicago, IL.

Individually they go by the names of Anisha Sisodia and Jackie Robertson, and we’re glad to have connected with them via Canvas Primer, an excellent speaker series that invites artists and organizations from all over Chicago to connect with a group of creatives who are looking to put their talents to work for cool causes. When Anisha reached out after the event, we were thrilled to discover something so lively.

Recognize Duplexity focuses on photography (as evident by these startling beautiful images) but they also work with graphics, design, video, and music. Their unassuming shots of Chicago, as well as their more art directed & stylized photos are particularly interesting, as they seem to develop their own narrative around identity & discovering new versions of ourselves. Then again, that’s totally subjective and they could have a different intent altogether, either way, the resulting images feel potent and dreamlike, lending themselves to vast interpretation.

We’re glad Recognize Duplexity has invited us to play in the images they’ve created. After all, isn’t that what art is all about?

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