Natalie Menacho’s Mixed Media Organisms

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There’s something about meeting someone on the other side of the earth that’s a bit uncanny. What’s even cooler is staying touch with that person over 8 years and watching them evolve creatively, bringing art prints or even arts organizations into being. This long tail connection is how Natalie Menacho and I became acquainted, having met in Northern India in 2006 while enjoying our respective globe trotting travels across this beautiful planet.

Natalie has been discovering and creating before that and ever since, launching her career as an artist, and being fiercely connected to nature, art, and the need to make stuff. She works in mixed media, using watercolor, archival ink, and acrylics, all of which come together flawlessly in her recent work. We’re excited to see her evolve as an artist & a person, because she’s just the type of individual to do big, colorful, live-affirming work.

We’re glad she’s chosen art.

Enjoy her bio:

In 2013 California Bay Area artist Natalie Menacho, and her fiancé Nik, embarked on a five-month sailing adventure through the Pacific Northwest’s San Juan and Gulf Islands. Aboard their boat, Carmana, Natalie drew on the blue waters, rocky shores, and wooded coves for inspiration and began to paint her current collection. Each piece, though very much inspired by physical nature, moves beyond it, seemingly offering the viewer a window into the energy that binds all forms together. When not exploring far away lands, Natalie likes to explore the California coast and look at tiny things under her vintage microscope. 

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Fern-by-Natalie-Menacho (1) Galiano-by-Natalie-Menacho (1) Opal-by-Natalie-Menacho (1) Orcas-by-Natalie-Menacho (1) Planet-by-Natalie-Menacho (1) Sail-by-Natalie-Menacho (1)Biology by Natalie MenachoBlind-Bay-by-Natalie-MenachoGalactic-by-Natalie-Menacho

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