Marc Foster’s Afrocentric Mixed Media Brain Blasts

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I met Marc at our local coffee shop, The Common Cup in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood. The local cafe brewing Counter Culture coffee regularly rotates art in their space, and Marc and I have both had our works displayed there. He and I started bonding about a year ago when his work was on display and I extended love his way for making such beautiful pieces of art.

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What’s amazing about Marc Foster’s works is that they have the vibe of collages, bringing together photographs and blasts of color, but then add another dimension by using found materials and computer motherboards to add texture, definition, and ruggedness to each piece. He does an incredible job of melding the elements so that they act in concert, accentuate one another, or emphasize the power & stance of the photographic elements.

Whether Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Erykah Badu, George Clinton, or James Brown, these people give the pieces true power, and Marc cradles it all on a canvas with found parts & spray paint, giving each piece a sense of balance that’s extremely unique. I often tell him that his use of negative space provides an amazing contrast to the color and density of the other elements he uses.

I’m happy to say that IPaintMyMind’s support of his work has resulted in a brand new website,¬†and a two-artist show called Conglomerates & Abstractions at IPaintMyMind Gallery on June 2nd which will feature a bunch of Marc’s recent works.

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