Brooklyn’s Lizzie Gill Unifies Digital Art with Retro and Modern Romance

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The suspended disbelief is palpable in Lizzie Gill’s images. Composed through digital collage and then translated onto canvas through mixed media and oil, her creations are more than just reflections of a commodity-based culture, they’re a dream-like world wherein pop culture becomes the sky itself. The Brooklyn-based artist utilizes pronounced themes of retro Americana nostalgically contrasted with a contemporary context to create a world that is sublimely disarming and altogether enchanting.

Conceptually speaking, Gill has said she is interested in how the modern approach to romance has evolved along with technology into the form of online courtship. She finds inspiration in the idle pursuits of romantic digital interactions such as texting and dating apps when juxtaposed with images of marriage and love from 1950’s advertising.

Many figures in Gill’s pieces seem to be gently placed within their placid, subtly spacious atmospheres where no laws of nature such as gravity exist. Figures are free to ride hefty tractors into warm and dense clouds and can harmlessly stand under a hovering cluster of household items.

After completing her undergraduate degree, Gill said she searched for a community of artists who would provide support and feedback to her ongoing art. She co-founded the Brooklyn Collage Collective with artist Morgan Lappin “in order to form a community of artists, driven by their passion for the medium.”

Gill wanted to exhibit the work of other artists that inspired her along with her own, so she organized and activated shows, pop-up events and workshops around the medium of collage with the collective members.

“One of the most important things to do as an artist is to join a supportive community, or to create one,” she said.

Check out more of Gill’s work at her website and her Instagram.

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