Finding Order in the Chaotic Abstract Art of Juun Y.

February 29th, 2016 Posted by Abstract, Art, Featured, New York, Paintings, Photography, San Francisco, Street Art No Comment yet

Jun Yang, formally known as Juun Y., is a contemporary artist based out of San Francisco who calls the world his home, including NYC, Seoul, and Europe. He creates a blend of chaotic abstract art on canvas and wood, with street art and photography. Juun Y.’s paintings are organic and filled with uninhibited raw emotion while incorporating various textures and colors.

With titles that are always wild and fun, Juun Y. also approaches the process itself with a creative sense of humor. Such can be seen as with “Did I say, paint everywhere except on the paper?” which is a custom-made canvas with not 4 but 5 sides. This coffin-shaped piece recalls the look of spray paint with streaks dripping down the canvas. Although there is a lot of movement in this piece, the colors are muted with soft pastel colors.

Juun Y.’s more vibrant works like, “I LOVE paint too much,” look more like colorful streams of water or a broken pile of stained glass. It almost looks like a water color piece, the way the bright colors fade into each other.

The work is very graphic in nature, similar to the graffiti filled streets in NYC. Either bright and fresh like it was just painted, or muted in color as if it’s been there for years. Although many of his compositions seem hectic with strong or blended brush strokes, he also creates more intricate pieces like, “I dream about paint and I paint my dream.” This piece incorporates various-sized dream catchers scattered around a black rainy background. It is one of his most geometric pieces. Instead of allowing his hand to draw all over the canvas and blending the colors, he focused on the details of each dream catcher, making each unique on its own.

Juun Y.’s web site says that “a creative mess is preferable to an idle neatness,” which serves perfectly to represent the artwork he produces. Even though his work is very abstract and unique, it all makes sense and it is wonderful to look at, the artist’s sensibilities find a natural order among the chaotic abstract art.

He not only paints on canvas & wood, but he also has a project he calls “trash to treasure” which features objects such as discarded statues and re-purposed paneling. He paints these objects and makes them into new works of art. His photography is rich and spell-binding, too.

Juun Y’s cleverly titled web site, (that’s 5 a’s) hosts an assortment of creative works, some pictured here. Find more like-minded art and artists on our own featured blog and sign up to receive weekly art in your inbox.

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