The Emotional Landscapes of Igor Vitomirov

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Igor Vitomirov is a photographer with a particular reverence for the power of nature. Based in Malmo, the Swedish city sandwiched between the Baltic and North seas, some of his most striking work focuses on the presence of vast waters. It is some of his most simple and impressionistic as well – his “Abstract Sea” series presents these waterscapes at their most elemental: as the play of light and atmosphere over an ever changing surface.

According to Vitomirov, who laments his “lack of words” for the emotions that landscapes create in him, his photography is a way of focusing his sense of wonder. Though minimalist, his portraits are nevertheless bursting with activity. He shows flexibility in the aperture of his photos: some are defined by the blurred swathes of color, while others capture a crisp, detailed moment. In “Freedom Birds,” the cold sea is counterbalanced against the dynamism of a flock in flight. Birds are a favorite subject, as they seem to symbolize for Vitomirov both the energy and solitude of nature present in these indescribable emotional landscapes.

People, too, figure into his portraiture, but usually either as small bit players, or so visually abstracted so as to become a part of the landscape themselves. In pieces like the “Flower Girl” series, “City,” or “Rush,” the human form is grafted onto either the natural world, through double exposure over branching trees, or blurred into the outlines of urban infrastructure. Elsewhere, the lonely outlines of a man standing on a far off pier, empty buildings on the horizon of a vast field, or crumbling factories all portray an overpowering nature reclaiming what is hers, and the fundamental human fragility before this advance.

At the same time, Vitomirov’s color palette also shows a striking diversity. The sea portraits are overwhelmingly cool blues, greens, greys, and sharp black and whites. Others take on an almost psychedelic tone, with purple grasses under turquoise skies or urban structures refracted kaleidoscopically into interlocking patterns. In this riot of color, motion, and texture, there is little risk that Vitomirov will leave you bored.

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Check out more of Igor Vitomirov’s work at his web profile.


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