Emmy Star Brown Salvages Glass with The Touch of a Sharpie

May 5th, 2014 Posted by Art, Featured No Comment yet


by Evan La Ruffa

We’ve been happy to see Emmy Star Brown’s great sharpie-induced art around town, here in Chicago. The sense of movement her illustration style dictates, seems to work perfectly with the glass serving as her canvas, as restored frames receive new life once her art becomes a part of them. We love the angle on sustainability and creative output, using flea markets or alleys as he preferred method of sourcing. Whether design, architecture, or visual arts, there are plenty of resources that can be repurposed, and turned into inspiring works of art, and Emmy proves that.

In the recent past, Emmy has been featured by Sharpie (you can view her interview on the Sharpie blog here) and Red Bull, for whom she designed a pretty amazing canvas cooler. We love the movement, shape and flow to everything she does, especially since she never uses stencils or templates.

We look forward to working with her on our Shared Walls program and more!

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emmy2 black abstract emmy3 gold pinwheel emmy4 mini heart emmy5 white abstract emmy6 single pinwheel emmy7 mini fly emmy8 mini kite painting emmy9 mini leaf emmy10 mini swing

Check out Emmy’s website here.

Enjoy more great arts coverage on IPMM.



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