Corkery Elementary School & Bosley Park Get FREE Art Exhibitions Too!

August 25th, 2016 Posted by Art, Featured, Photography, Shared Walls by IPaintMyMind™ No Comment yet
As we expand our mission to every corner of the city, we’re reminded how many amazing community leaders help make Chicago great. Corkery Elementary School and Bosley Park are community spaces that certainly have those types of leaders. Carol Devens-Falk, the Principal at Corkery and Briana Gaitan, the Park Supervisor at Bosley, both made the process of installing temporary art exhibitions super enjoyable.
Again, we were able to knock out two installations in one day, first heading to Corkery in Little Village and then Bosley Park in Bridgeport. At Corkery we installed incredible photos taken by Steve Ewert during his 1970 hitchhiking trip across the Sahara Desert and at Bosley Park we installed wood block art prints by Kevin Lucius.
Corkery wanted something that spoke to cultural experiences and since Bosley has classes for toddlers and young children, they wanted something playful and fun. I gotta say, we nailed it in the case of both art exhibitions!
Carol Devens-Falk at Corkery even said, “The exhibition is so beautiful. Thank you!” It’s really that type of appreciation and reciprocal admiration that fuels the Shared Walls™ Program, and we can’t thank our partners enough.
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Bosley Park
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