Andreina Davila Mixes Organic Compositions With Philosophical Aspirations

August 17th, 2015 Posted by Art, Featured, Mixed Media No Comment yet

Andreina Davila exercises with mixed media to create organic compositions of intricate lines and textures in her three current projects: #IAM], # SOMOS and BotanINK. The San Francisco-based artist represents connections among human philosophy and natural beauty with washy, tenuous surfaces. Her stunning work is decorated with scattered pointillism and fluid, free-formed lines.

#IAM] is an ongoing series that holds identity as a central concept: incorporating portions of the human body into the backgrounds to discuss the plural and constant nature of the human Ego. Each piece uses black and white as a foundation with hues of green, blue, yellow and red, which allows for a moment of reflection – the artist hopes to create room for personal and collective awareness.

# SOMOS stands as another series of four images. Each of the four incorporates circles and thin, animated lines with deep and enchanting colors. In this smaller collection, Davila ventures to summarily answer the overwhelming philosophical question about human existence in a visual format. According to her website, she hopes the pieces in # SOMOS will create a “think-map” of questions and answers.

The third ongoing series, BotanINK is embodied by botanical studies that aim to capture the memory of fleeting moments in the larger scope of evolution. Each piece uses earthy and gritty textures and a vibrant sunset color-palette to connect with nature. To find each piece’s own natural rhythm, the artist said “BotanINK is a non-judgmental window into a form of life that is wild and steady, finding its way peacefully.”

Davila grew up in Venezuela and earned a Bachelor in Architecture from Universidad de los Andes. She then completed her Master of Science in Design at School of Design Innovation.

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